2014 Singles Pack

We did four singles this summer,
The Parrots - Loving You Is Hard 7"
Küken - s/t 7"
UV Glaze - s/t 7"
Batman & Garagekid - I'm not a monkey 7"
Yeah, thats a lot of singles, all for 4.50 Euros each plus shipping or be a cheapskate and buy the whole pack for only 16 Euros postpaid.
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Still Hot
New Swears - Junkfood Forever, Bedtime Whatever LP
Space Raft - s/t LP
Sonic Chicken 4 - s/t LP
Dead Ghosts - Rarities LP
Dead Ghosts - Can't Get No LP
Makeouts - Back To Sleep LP

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Bad Weed - debut 7"
Schund - 7" (Bachelor Archives)
Küken - s/t LP
Peach Kelli Pop - III LP

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