New Releases - Sonic Chicken 4 and Dead Ghosts

Sonic Chicken 4 - s/t LP
Finally this document of a not-so-long gone era sees the light of day. A fuzzy, ultra primitive brand of garage stomp that owes equally to 60's pop, VU, Back From The Grave comps, girl groups and Jaques DuTronc. Some kind of borderline garage sixties punk...
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Dead Ghosts - Can't Get No LP
Originally released in 2013 on Burger Records, this one made it to loads of Top Lists 2013, and naturally it sold out pretty soon. We are reissueing this gem in support of their third european tour.
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Dead Ghosts - Rarities LP
The collection of songs you can find here are a mix of songs from OOP singles, outtakes, live versions unreleased stuff and covers. They have been up on the bandcamp site for a while, and by popular demand put on black vinyl, limited to 500 copies. Artwork by Cassie Ramone.
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